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The average age for an American soldier serving in WWII was about 26 years of age.  The average size was reportedly about five feet eight inches and about 144 pounds.  On June 6th 1944 many of these ‘average’ Americans were tasked with piling into Higgins Boats (landing craft) and come face to face with German machine guns, mines and heavy artillery.  The Germans had months to prepare and sight in their guns for just such an occasion. The place was Normandy France.    It was a very rough day for those that participated to say the least. In the end, these young Americans along with their allies accomplished their task.

In starting this narrative, I wanted to bring about some perspective in terms of historical events which tested American will, courage and willingness to preserve in seemingly impossible circumstances. Obviously in the midst of the Covid-19 virus outbreak we are facing another tough challenge. 

Just as noted in the title of 1944, 1945 followed and the war ended in late summer.  I have every expectation that we will come out of this calamity as well.

As always, we are a phone call away.

Hang in there….

The Staff at Sundance