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Sundance Investments LLC 

My Space/Our Space

Not to be confused with the social networking site or claims to the universe, today it means six feet.  This is the accepted amount of ‘socially acceptable distance’ as prescribed for best practices during the days, nights, weeks, and now months of COVID -19. 

We thought we would give an update as to our practices during this ‘outbreak’ all the while, hoping for ‘break-out’ soon. 

We have remained on the job throughout the pandemic.  We did rotate staff for a time when Madison County experienced a flare-up, but other than that have continued to work through this difficult time.  We have attempted to follow the best practices suggested by the Center for Disease Control and others, which means our hands are chapped from repeated washing and hand sanitizing just like everyone else.  We stocked up in February with masks, sanitizer etc. so do not believe we will be running short any time soon. Yes, we do have ample supplies of ‘TP’ as well.

As the State of Nebraska is beginning the process of opening up the economy, we need to think about proceeding as well.  We have invested in some safety equipment for the office in anticipation that the ‘best practices’ and social distancing will remain the norm for some time.

Our current thinking is to be back to some sort of normal in the month of June or at the latest July.  We want everyone comfortable and safe as business returns to what we were accustomed to before the world changed. 

You can be assured, we will not ‘Space out’ our dedication to serving you.


The team at Sundance